Despite the Sentinel's sometimes turbulent past, 10 years of R&D in electronic engineering and programing have led to the creation of one of the most advanced closed circuit rebreathers.

The latest Redbare model incorporates cutting edge improvements in the way rebreathers function, making it the rebreather with the best Work Of Breathing on the market.
It also boasts some of the best life support and early warning systems.
from redbare to atlas
Our aim is to apply Nammu-Tech's design and manufacturing techniques to the current Redbare model. Our production and manufacturing methods have allowed us to make a number of innovations, and test a few new ideas. This has been made easier with our ability to quickly produce production grade parts for accurate testing.

However, there are a number of signature elements of the Redbare that we believe work perfectly and wish to conserve, such as the Work Of Breathing, Stack Duration, Early Warning and Life Support Systems.

We have been very fortunate to retain the services of key individuals that helped build this amazing unit, and we look forward to working together on new ideas.
resellers & instructors
We understand the importance of the relationship between resellers/instructors and CCR manufacturers.
We aim to make sure the existing Redbare instructors can teach and promote the Atlas without any kind of crossover, and to train new instructors from all dive agencies over the next few years.

Instructors and resellers form the core of any rebreather marketing strategy, as such we hope to work closely with our partners to promote the new Atlas rebreather, and to increase it's international visibility.

Nammu-Tech has made a habit of listening to it's customers feedback, and some of the ideas given to us by our partners.

have drastically improved our products. We hope to carry this philosophy over to the Atlas, and we look forward to hearing all your ideas.

a tight knit team
Operating as a small team has been key to our success.
Firstly it ensures that customers and manufacturers alike can always get through to us directly.

Secondly, we always try to use local manufacturing. This allows us to cut down on C02 emissions,
allows us to build relationships with our manufacturers and helps promote local business.