- £7999.00 (£6665.83 ex.VAT)
The price of our unit is very competitive when compared with the rest of the CCR market, so we thought potential customers might assume that our unit price is achieved with a stripped down unit that then requires expensive add ons to be dived properly.

That is not the case. Below is a list of everything that comes included with the unit:
Primary handset

Secondary handset with internal depth sensor and fully independent decompression

Primary HUD with haptic feedback & buddy HUD

State of the art C02 sensor

3 independent Cell 02 tracking

3L cylinders with Nautec valves

Top of the line Apex first stage regulators

Two MAVs with built in shut-off valves

Foam lined Peli style travel case

Comprehensive set of spares

Modular weight attachment system
12% Discount to existing sentinel and redbare divers
- Certified Redbare and Sentinel divers will be able to purchase
the Atlas V1 directly from us for £7039.12 (ex.VAT £5865.93)
Due to the lack of interchangeable components between the Red Series and the Atlas we are not able to provide a trade in deal.
We feel that offering a discount to existing users and allowing them resell their existing units privately is more financially benificial to the customers, particularly given our commitment to supporting the existing Red Series CCR.
This is the current list of Redbare instructors.
After the official release of the Atlas this list will be updated to show which instructors teach the Atlas, the Redbare or both.
Tim Clements - 01373814666 -
Normoxic Instructor trainer

Phil Grigg - 07747035478 -

Olivier Van Overbeek - 07961466812 -
Normoxic Instructor trainer

John Shaw - 07787515480 -
Hypoxic trimix

Simon Townsend - 07442929373 -
Hypoxic trimix instructor trainer examiner

Mike Potts - 07968780198 -
Hypoxic trimix

Al Wright - 07831135298 -
Hypoxic trimix

Howard Angel - 01373814666 -
Advanced recreational trimix
Nadir Quarta (Switzerland)
Hypoxic trimix

Beatrice Riviera (Italy)
Hypoxic trimix

Simon Townsend - +44 7442929373 -
Hypoxic trimix instructor trainer examiner

Edwardo Pavier (Italy)
Hypoxic trimix

Stefan Eimer (Germany) - +49 6131 999927 -
Normoxic trimix

east asia
Xiaolong Tan - +86-1380 133 4818 -
Hypoxic trimix