Below are Nammu-Tech's plans for the development of the Red Series CCR.
These plans are fluid and liable to change over the next few months. Nevertheless, these are the broad strokes we are working towards.
January - April
complete testing
Completing all our testing and updating our CE technical file.
ramping up production & marketing
Optimise our supply chain and manufacturing to make sure our production rate remains stable, thereby allowing us to give accurate lead times to our customers and resellers.
CE & UK CA certification
Completing physical tests at Qinetic such as W.O.B and hydrostatics to test smaller breathing loop and different materials.
Updating technical file for certification.
Diver support portal
Creation of an App that allows easy access to technical support, servicing, upgrades and dive logging.
rebranding & new product launch
The launch of our new CCR brand, encompassing all the research, development and evolution of the VMS Red Series, along with Nammu-Tech's passion for innovation and customer relations.
production start
Start of production of the new unit, compliant to ISO 9001.
winter 2022-2023:
software updates
Providing better support for mobile devices and desktop operating systems (Mac, Windows...) allowing for seemless synchronisation with Ki-Diving's cloud based dive log & analysis software.

More to follow!